Sunday, April 24, 2011

Salt Lake

My Grandma moved to Salt Lake last summer. This was our first visit. We went with my sister Emily, her boys, and my mom. We stopped in Vegas for a night at Circus Circus. I love this pic cuz it's kinda funky.
They rode this train ride because it was 1 of 2 that Kaitlyn didn't cry at. This picture is awesome because it looks like Kaitlyn just slapped Carter. Love it.
This is what happens when it's snowing outside and you have 3 kids that haven't really played outside for a few days. They get a little bit crazy.
Love this one too. That's the Salt Lake Temple in the back. It's such a beautiful building.

We got to go up the observation deck of the church office building. The view was amazing and it was a little warmer up there. The kids loved the elevator ride too.
The temple from the observation deck.
We went bowling with my cousin Geoff and his wife Jess and their daughter Katelyn. The kids loved it.
The mountains were covered in snow. It was beautiful.
Love this picture of Kaitlyn. What a beautiful girl.


Kaitlyn and Braden making cookies and eggs.
Our family!
Kaitlyn and Emma with their cutesy Easter dresses!
Look at all the eggs. Good thing she likes hard boiled eggs and candy.
My Baby!
Easter egg hunt #2 with cousins. Love the Tiana costume.
Look at this group. So cute! Thanks for a fun Easter everyone.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoo with the Chins

We went to the zoo today with my friend Wendy and her kids. They had so much fun and all fell asleep on the way home. Yeah! Must have been fun. Love this picture. So stinkin cute.