Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday #33

The weekend before my birthday Em and Buzz were here to bless Austin. This is Emma(6 months old) and Austin(1.5 months old). Pretty funny.
This year Jessica planned this fun little dinner for me and a few of my close friends. We went to El Cholo in Pasadena. It was so fun. So nice not to have kids and to just be out with the girls. I had spent that day at the spa too which was fantastic. It was a great day!
They got the "band" to come and sing me Happy Birthday. It was pretty sweet.

A visit with the Chin's

This is in 9th grade. At a football game. Wendy and I met in 5th grade at Monte Vista. A lot of time between 5th grade and 11th grade we spent together. We lost touch and then reconnected and then lost touch again. Now Wendy lives in Alaska with her husband who is in the Air Force. We got to see each other last Christmas when she was here visiting her Dad. It was so fun to see her. It had been about 13 years since we had seen each other. It's always nice to remember why you were friends with certain people. There are some people that you can just pick up where you left off 13 years later. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to see Wendy again and to have our kids play together.
These are the kiddos. Kaitlyn, Abey, and Ellie. They had so much fun. Luckily we were sitting outside by ourselves most of the time so other people didn't have to hear how much fun they were having.
This is Abey. Kaitlyn took this one. Pretty cute.
This is Ellie. Sitting so quietly. Her kids were so cute. We had such a good time.

Phoenix Children's Museum

I love this one because Colin was so mad that Kaitlyn got in the car with him. It was hilarious.
This is the only pic we got of Devin. Kaitlyn loved this part of the store. You could measure and weigh the lentils.
They had bags and carts and the kids could go shopping and then checkout and pay for everything. It was so funny to watch the kids pretend.
Kaitlyn loved riding this bike with Colin. Luckily, Colin can go super fast on the bikes, so Kaitlyn got to enjoy the ride.
Colin loved it too. They had so much fun. Thanks Amy for taking us. It was a blast.

Our stop in Phoenix AKA visiting my friend Amy

This is my friend Amy and her son Colin. I met Amy when she lived in La Crescenta before she married Brian and moved to San Diego. They moved to Phoenix last year right before they had their baby Devin. So, it worked out perfect for Kaitlyn and I to stop there for a few days on the way home from my brother's house. Thanks for having us guys. We had a blast.
This is Kaitlyn and Colin back in November when they came out to visit. So Silly!
We had so much fun. We went to Amy's mom's house. She was super nice for letting us hang out and ride bikes. Kaitlyn was in heaven. She practiced riding bikes with pedals.
We went to this super fun park in Phoenix that has. It has a train that goes all around the park and a carousel too. It also had a fun playground.
This carousel was a little bit crazy. I don't usually get motion sickness but this one made me a little light headed.

Misc Pics from Las Cruces

The morning we left Mike's house it was 30 degrees. Freezing. It was only in the 40's most days that we were there. Still Kaitlyn liked to hang out outside with the dog with no pants on. Till she got caught, then she'd come back in until she could figure out a way to get her pants off again. So funny.
This is the play thing at the Outlet mall in El Paso.
So Cool!
Guess who did that?!
I love these pics. She always plays with my camera so I have a lot of pics like this.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

White Sands

The Farm and Agriculture Museum in Las Cruces

So they have this cool museum about 10 minutes from my brothers house. We decided to take a trip there since we haven't gone before.This thing was a teeter totter with a saddle at each end. Pretty fun.
They had different kinds of sheep. This one was my favorite because his name was CHURRO. So funny!
Cool tractor.
Sheep and a baby one.
They had puzzles. Kaitlyn was so excited!
And Cows with horns
And a horsey...yeah
I guess that we were walking too slow.
She loved this bridge too. She ran back and forth a bunch of times.

Our exciting drive to New Mexico

So in January we drove to New Mexico via California and Arizona. On the way there we drove straight through. Luckily, you can take the 10 the whole way, so at least we couldn't get lost. It took all day. I think about 14 hours. Forever when you have a 3 year old in the back seat. So, we packed Kaitlyn in the backseat with lots of stuff to entertain and feed her.
It's not every day that you see a huge dinosaur in the back of a truck driving down the 10 freeway...Awesome!
Kaitlyn read lots of books during the trip.
We saw this car fire right after the California and Arizona border. It was an SUV and it was gone.
Finally, she went to sleep, right before it got dark. She was such a good girl.

Christmas Pics continued...

Kaitlyn made this gingerbread house with Elbert. Looks pretty good.
Kaitlyn's letter from SANTA. Pretty cool! This is funny because everytime you asked Kaitlyn what she wanted for Christmas she said "A Toy".
Aunt Naomi, Kaitlyn and Emma.
Grandpa playing with Kaitlyn's Disney Princess Castle
Kaitlyn and her new show The Tale of Despereaux