Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disneyland...Just Mommy and Kaitlyn

Love the churros. This was number 2.
The Autopia
She loves driving.
The Carousel
The Teacups
Pluto, she actually gave him a hug, which is huge for her. She usually cries when she sees the characters. She's getting so big.
Santa too...She actually sat in his lap and took a candy cane. When I opened it for her she licked it once and told me it was disgusting. So funny.
One of my new favorite pics of her. So beautiful with the sun...
Small world at Christmas...whats better than that (Sorry that was totally an Ina Garten quote).
Beautiful Baby...I love her so much.
The castle at night after the lighting ceremony...
This was before I got on the freeway...she was wiped out.
This was the best trip ever... just me and my girl.

Christmas Pictures!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Austin!

My sister Emily just had a baby. His name is Austin. He's super cute!
Here they are that night.
He was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long
Kaitlyn loved her little cousin.

Santa Pics

This was Santa in 2007. It was one of the greatest santa pics ever. This year went a little better...
...But only a little. They weren't too sure. And neither was santa.
The computer broke so they shut down the line, but they let us sneak in and take a quick pic, which pissed off Santa I guess because he was not super happy about it. The kids could tell. Maybe we'll try again this week.

Once there was a snowman

Kaitlyn loved the snowman at Emily's house. She loved that it flattens out in the morning and grows tall at night.
This is her new Roxy sweatshirt. Fancy, I know. But it was really cheap.
She loves to sing the snowman song in nursery. Ask her sometime. She'll sing it for you. It's pretty entertaining.


The Animals at the zoo

This chimp smiled big at us. It was so funny. His teeth were orange.
This Rhino was missing his horn. So Sad.
The hippo was laying in the dirt. Then it got in the pool.
This was a mccaw I think. It was pretty.
And this one is...ready for it...Santa's reindeer. So cool.

Our Friends The Sheen's

This is Kaitlyn's new friend Zach. She loves him. They have so much fun together.
This is Zach and his brothers, Jacob and Matthew. Kaitlyn can't tell them apart and so she calls them "the brothers".
We went to the LA zoo with them. They had Christmas decorations up so we took a few shots. They think that Kaitlyn is hilarious. That's why they are both laughing in this picture.
We found this awesome playground at the zoo and they had all of these concrete animals, so we took a few pics.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kaitlyn's First Gymnastics Class at the YMCA

Kaitlyn started a new gymnastics class last Wednesday. She was so excited! Then it came time to start and she got scared. She cried almost the whole time. So, we're gonna try again next week. But the important thing is that she looked really cute!