Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disneyland...Just Mommy and Kaitlyn

Love the churros. This was number 2.
The Autopia
She loves driving.
The Carousel
The Teacups
Pluto, she actually gave him a hug, which is huge for her. She usually cries when she sees the characters. She's getting so big.
Santa too...She actually sat in his lap and took a candy cane. When I opened it for her she licked it once and told me it was disgusting. So funny.
One of my new favorite pics of her. So beautiful with the sun...
Small world at Christmas...whats better than that (Sorry that was totally an Ina Garten quote).
Beautiful Baby...I love her so much.
The castle at night after the lighting ceremony...
This was before I got on the freeway...she was wiped out.
This was the best trip ever... just me and my girl.

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