Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This pretty much sums up the night. This was Kaitlyn at 9:00. She had been asleep since about 6:30. We went to Indianola in La Canada. We went about 5 and it was empty when we got there. We ran into Dena, Becky, Jenn, Claire, Marilyn, and their families. Kaitlyn was excited to see the other kids and they kindof showed her what to do. Later we ran into the Ostler's too. We left about 6 and it was just starting to get crowded.
Gettin some candy! The woman at this house used to be the classroom assistant when I did my student teaching. Small world!
Of course Kaitlyn decided to go to the house with the dog after she had refused to go to 5 other houses right before that.
Her little tail was so funny when she ran up the driveways. Super cute.
This was after the 8th house. We didn't make it too far. But she got enough candy(which she hasn't even touched since Halloween). Hopefully next year she will like it better.

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  1. My kids didn't want to go trick or treating to houses either.